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Program Overview & FAQ


The mission of the Danvers Boys Travel Basketball Program is to develop and maintain a competitive basketball program for the youth in the Town of Danvers that teaches the fundamentals and skills of basketball in a fun and positive environment while instilling core values such as discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and integrity.  


Our philosophy is to provide Danvers boys the opportunity to participate in developmental basketball programs at a young age, and more competitive programs through the middle school years. We teach the skills and knowledge of the game to support each child’s development as a basketball player, and in life, while striving to help them develop a passion for the game. Danvers Travel emphasizes our core values of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and integrity to aid in the children’s development as people and potentially future high school student-athletes.


Danvers Boys Travel Basketball participates in a Travel Basketball League called the Cape Ann League for grades 5-8. It is the premier basketball league for our region.

Cape Ann Basketball offers a competitive program designed for those children interested in a higher level of competition. This program usually runs from mid-November to mid-March and compete against other towns in the North Shore area of Massachusetts. Tryouts in Danvers for the Travel Program are typically conducted in the fall and are held for each grade level.  

Danvers Travel players must be residents of Danvers and are expected to make basketball their primary winter sport. Typically, each Danvers Travel team will have 2 practices and 1 game each week. Games are generally held on Saturdays in Danvers, or in surrounding towns.  Players are generally expected to attend each practice and game. Travel teams will consist of between 10 to 12 players per team.  However, the Board of Directors reserves the right to review and adjust team roster sizes as it sees fit.  With many kids trying out at each age group, it is a very difficult task selecting a team, which is why we host a minimum of 2 tryouts and use independent evaluators to help with the selection process. Parents are not allowed to be in the gym during the tryout process to keep the players relaxed and focused. Tryout dates will be announced with at least 2 weeks notice – registration in the system is required prior to trying out, and unregistered players will not be allowed to try out until registered.  Players are expected to attend each tryout when possible. While equal playing time throughout the regular season is ideal, playing time is to be determined by the Coaches and is based on a player's ability, attitude, and attendance. 


Playing on a Travel Team in the Danvers Boys Travel Basketball program requires a large commitment on the part of the players, coaches and families alike. Typically, there are more players interested in playing on a Travel Team than there are spots available. Thus, any player who tries out for and accepts a spot on a Travel Team should be prepared to make Travel Basketball their primary Winter season sport. For those players that are unable to make this significant commitment, but still enjoy playing basketball, there are basketball programs available in surrounding areas. Travel Team Coaches are empowered to address a commitment issue if one arises. Among other actions, Coaches may limit or even eliminate game playing time for any player that consistently misses practices and/or other team activities.


Where and when will the home games be located?
Home games will typically be played at either Danvers High School (Vye Gym) or Holten Richmond Middle School.


How long will each practice be?
Practices will typically be 90 minutes long.


What nights are practices?
Coaches on each team select from a list of available times, nights, and gyms to hold practices.  Once decided, your team will typically practice on the same nights each week at the same time. 


How do uniforms work?
If your child is selected to a team, there is a process for uniform ordering. Each family will be responsible for ordering their child’s uniform, and direction on how to do so is provided by coaches once rosters are determined.


What happens if my child is not selected for a team?  Are there other basketball options in Danvers?
For players in the 5th grade, there is an option to participate in the Future Falcons Basketball program. For players in grades 6 through 8, there are basketball leagues available in surrounding towns as well.


If my child is not as good as other players in his grade, should he bother to try out?
Absolutely!  We typically have two teams per grade level.  We believe a tryout experience benefits every player and therefore encourage it for all.

How much does it cost to tryout?
Tryouts are free.  We ask that you register through our website at so that we can plan for the tryouts. 

Can my child play “up” a grade level?
No, unless there are extraordinary circumstances and is unanimously agreed upon by the board. 


How long is the season?
Tryouts are typically in October with practices generally starting in November .The Cape Ann season typically begins that first weekend in December and runs through the second weekend of February break.  Playoffs typically begin the first week in March with every team making the playoffs.  The playoff format is double elimination with the conclusion typically being around mid-March. 

How much does Danvers Boys Travel Basketball cost?
Please visit our registration page for the most recent pricing.  Please note that in addition to registration, you will also be responsible for ordering your child’s uniform.  

Beyond the registration, are there other forms required?
Once rosters are selected, each parent will be asked to sign a waiver form prior to the start of the season. If a waiver has not been signed, the player is not allowed to participate in any of the basketball activities.

I am interested in being a coach.  Can I be a coach?
Danvers Boys Travel Basketball makes every effort to have the most qualified coaches.  If you feel that you can contribute as a head coach or as an assistant coach, please let the Travel Director know ASAP. All parents who express interest in being considered as a Head Coach get a phone interview by the Travel Director. The Travel Director presents his/her recommendations to the entire Board, and the entire Board votes on the final selection. In most cases, Head Coaches are selected after Tryouts end, but before Rosters are finalized. Head Coaches select either one or two Assistant Coaches.

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